Citizen TV Journalist Bernard Ndong Kicked Out!


Citizen TV journalist Bernard Ndong was kicked out of the Rugby Football Union of East Africa (RFUEA) grounds over the weekend after he was involved in a public spat with security guards during the Kenya vs Germany 15’s match.



Ndong appeared to be in disagreement with some of the security officials after they roughed up his cameraman and denied them a chance to conduct interviews by the pitch.


The security guards seemed to be working under strict instructions to not allow journalists on the pitch though Ndong insisted it was within his mandate.


“It is very wrong. We are here to conduct interviews…,” he said.

It is not yet clear whether there was damage to their equipment but Ndong demanded an apology due to the disrespectful way the media was treated.


There have been several instances where journalists have been roughed up by security guards and their equipment destroyed leading to public outcry and it is high time that members of the fourth estate are treated with respect as they conduct their duties.

Kenya narrowly lost the match 30-29 after a last second kick by the Germans snatched victory from Simba.

This was in preparation for the Rugby World Cup that is set to take place in Tokyo, Japan in 2019