VIDEO, Dirty Tricks Raila Odinga Is Using To Defeat Uhuru Kenyatta In August Elections


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday revealed that the National Super Alliance (NASA) flag bearer, Raila Odinga had employed three dirty tricks against Jubilee to ensure his victory during the August elections.
1. Plan to rig the elections ;Prof Ngunyi in his weekly opinion piece show, the Fifth Estate, noted that the NASA flag bearer was playing “reverse psychology” on President Uhuru Kenyatta. “Raila has told us that Uhuru is planning to rig the elections but it is possible that the former premier is planning to rig the polls himself,” Ngunyi stated. He added that the Opposition chief was using the president to draw attention from himself as he schemed on how he would rig the election without anyone noticing. Ngunyi pointed out the Court of Appeal decision for presidential results to be announced at Constituency polling stations had given Raila the green light to carry out his plan effectively. “Kriegler told us that Raila could have rigged in the 2007 elections and so he has the competencies to do so,” he explained.

2. Frustrating IEBC as a diversion ;The political analyst also revealed that Raila was giving the impression that he is not prepared for the election by frustrating it through court processes when actually he was more ready than in any other election. “To cover up his preparedness, he is using diversionary tactics through court cases fighting the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission,” the political analyst stated.


3. Pushing for violence ;He also claimed that violence was part of the ODM leader’s plan to win the August 8 polls. He cited Raila’s divisive utterances in Kajiado where he allegedly asked the local communities not to sell their land to outsiders. He termed Raila’s words as war drums for impending violence in the country. Here is the video: