Uhuru Will Trounce Raila With A Clear Win Of 53% – New Study Reveals


The Centre for African Progress (CAP) conducted a study between July 28 to August 1 regarding Presidential polls ahead Agust 8th .

The study indicates that Odinga would only manage 43 per cent of the presidential vote, while President Uhuru manage 53 per cent


The results were released by  the firm’s head of operations Abel Oyieyo on Wednesday August 2nd .

“Three per cent of the people who responded were undecided or they preferred another candidate such as Abduba Dida and Ekuru Aukot. It is not really about campaigns at this point but about getting closer to elections and voters are making up their mind most of them thinking it’s either going to be Kenyatta or Odinga,” Oyieyo stated while releasing the finding at a Nairobi hotel.

According to Infotrak poll released recently NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s approval has remained steady while that of President Uhuru Kenyatta dropped


However, google has stated that Raila Odinga is the most searched presidential candidate 2017.

Today afternoon, Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto took their campaigns to Makueni county.

The duo were heckled by the big crowd saying that Makueni is Oppositions ‘ground’ thus tempting his patience

“We have come to ask for your votes but we are not forcing you to vote for us. You may vote for whoever you want but this time, I assure you, we will beat Raila…we will place him where he belongs,” he told a gathering at Wote town.

The President also threatened to take unspecified action against chiefs who do not support his government.

“Don’t think we don’t know what is happening in this area. We know what you are doing and we will deal with you after elections,” he said.

Adding “You think it is the Opposition who is your employer…you have to understand that the motorcycles you are using were provided by Jubilee.”