Uhuru Has Started Campaigning for Peter Kenneth in Nairobi-See What He Said About Kidero


President Uhuru Kenyatta has rubbished Nairobi Governor, Evans Kidero’s work, saying the governor has done totally nothing.The president went ahead to urge Nairobi to consider electing a different politician.

Here is the whole story:

“The ODM-controlled county government in Nairobi has failed residents and should not get an extension of tenure in the upcoming polls. The county has achieved nothing for the last four years even though it has been spending colossal sums of money. The city government does not have the interest of the public at heart and has instead been harassing small business owners. All they have been doing is demolishing small business premises and houses and chasing down bodaboda operators instead of implementing policies to benefit city residents. The county Government has not constructed roads or cleaned the city despite the fact that it controls sufficient resources. You have tested an ODM city government and you have seen that it has brought you no benefit except harassing those trying to make a living for themselves. All of you understand how much you have been failed by the current county Government and for you to ensure that you elect the right government, you must register as a voter”