SHOCKING!! Raila Odinga Sleeps In Graves To Win Elections, Ex-ODM MP Confesses!!

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As 2017 general elections nearing, ODM party is facing major blow after some members defected the party

Just recently, Former Orange Democratic Movement member Isaac Mwaura defected the party, thus took to social media to vent his frustration after being expelled from the party.

In a lengthy post, he alluded to the idea that party leader Raila Odinga spent 7 nights in a grave in order to win elections.

He wrote;

I am who I am because of God and Raila is definitely not a god…We don’t go to sleep in graves for 7 nights to win elections . I survived because of God. I believe in a true and living God, not magical powers,” said Mwaura.
Raged Raila supporters didn’t take the allegations lightly and minutes after Isaac Mwaura made the shocking allegations the Facebook post was flooded with comments that were either insulting, derogatory or demeaning.

Here are some of the comments Isaac Mwaura received on the post;

Mwaura stop turnishing railas name because its the same person who made u known to kenyans…Secondly if he sleeps in graves or not inakuwashia nini?? thats his belief…Who knows ur background maibi yako chafu kushinda ya raila…no politician in kenya is clean.So epuka kuaribia mwenzako jina tu gain popularity…That shows how cheap you are,” wrote one Brian Onyuna.

“Even if Raila had to sleep in a grave for seven days ,I bet he won’t disclose that to mwaura,he is just doing this to be relevant in Kikuyu land,” posted another Daniel Olala.