Shocking! Kikuyu and Kalenjin Combined Registered Votes Exceeds 5.5 million.Uhuru Has Already Won


Latest statistics from IEBC have confirmed that the Kikuyu community alongside the Kalenjin community have a total of 5.5 million registered voters.

More shocking statistics reveal that Nakuru and Kiambu counties  have a combined total of 1,717,482 voters (Kiambu 950,641, Nakuru 766,841) which is more than the number of registered voters in the 4 counties of former Western Province (with a total of 1,606,377 votes)

Besides the two tribes, the Meru community has a total of 700,000 votes, which will definitely cast in favour of President Kenyatta.

From these statistics, we conclude that Uhuru needs at most 1 million more votes to win the 2017 general elections.

What does this mean?!!!!That Raila Odinga has zero chances of beating President Kenyatta in the forthcoming elections even after reports emerged that he is courting Musalia Mudavadi.

It also means that Raila,who enjoys support from across the country except in Central and Rift Valley require at least 2 million more votes to beat President Kenyatta:Raila’s current votes, from his stronghold, stands at 4 million.

A detailed summary of registered voters in Kenya is as follows:

Rift Valley- 3,757,776

Central- 2,398,815

Eastern- 2,363,156

Nyanza- 2,226,671

Nairobi- 1,868,551


Coast- 1,198,216

North Eastern- 376,818

This statistic is a proof that President Kenyatta is a force to reckon with even after reports indicated that there could be voter apathy in his backyard.