Reasons Uhuru Might Trounce Raila On The Presidential Polls Re-run, History of the Repeated Elections In the World


Following the Supreme Court’s decision for a presidential re-run within 60days, Uhuru will now face off with NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga in a fresh presidential election.

However, Raila is set to face off with an opponent who has huge machinery behind him after his Jubilee Party clinched majority of the seats in the bicameral parliament


Jubilee Party garnered 164 of 290 parliamentary seats as NASA garnered 124 seats including 16 Woman Representative Seats.

Jubilee party had 31 women representatives, who also seat in the National Assembly and their influence in Uhuru’s campaign in the repeat election cannot be overstated.

Uhuru also has more senators than Raila- a total of 38, including nominated ones out of 47- which goes to show just how much he will have at his disposal to marshal grassroots campaigns.

In short if elections are held today, Uhuru will garner more than 60 percent of the total votes since he has enough machinery to form the next government.

The Supreme Court of Kenya  placed Kenya as the first country in Africa and the third in the world to declare the results of a presidential poll null and void.

The only other two nations that have done the same are Ukraine and Austria.

Austria’s is most recent, where the court made its decision in May 2016.

In a repeat election held in December 2016, Van De Bellen trounced Hofer again, garnering 53.8% of the vote.

Ukraine was the first country to annul the presidential election in a judgement issued in 2004.

In the repeat exercise, Yushchenko was once again declared the winner garnering 52% of the vote with observers noting the process was fairer than the original one.