Raila Odinga Will Win August Elections, I’M Not In A position see him Cry Like 2007-Trump

Raila Odinga

Trump has prophesied that Raila Odinga will be president in the forthcoming general elections

In a statement Trump said:


“My instincts tell me NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga will be president in 2017.I saw this in a 2-hour-dream where Raila beat President Kenyatta to win the coveted seat. After IEBC declaration, I saw him being sworn in at Kasarani in front of NASA leaders and president Uhuru”.

Nicknamed Donald Trump, Onyango told his friends passionately in Kondele Market during a gathering.

He stressed that Raila will defeat Uhuru by saa mbili,noting that the opposition leader has support in Eastern,Coast,Nyanza and Western.

He said there is no way Uhuru will trounce the Enigma with votes from only two provinces.

Onyango said his dreams are always true and this one has 100 % precision

In other news, A Luo man in Kisumu has shocked his neighbors after he sold his wife for Ksh50, 000 to get funds to campaign for Raila.

On being asked why he did trade wife ,Otieno replied:

“Bibi sio sabuni ya kuisha,huyu ndugu yangu atakuwa na yeye miezi miwili ndio anirudishie.Sasa nimeamua kumfanyia baba kampeni ili ammwage Uhuru.”