President Kenyatta Campaigning Machine Revealed After Tycoon Muthoka Donated 12 Branded Cars To Jubilee Party


Billionaire businessman Peter Muthoka on Wednesday donated 12 Jubilee Party branded cars, equipment, materials and a fleet of trucks that will be used by aspirants for campaigns in the Ukambani region.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto received the campaign materials yesterday when they hosted a group of Kamba leaders at State House.


The President thanked Mr Muthoka, who is a former Director of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), for the donation and called on other well-wishers to support the Jubilee Party’s campaign and its transformative agenda.

“It is people like you who will make us succeed because we know without proper support it is very difficult to run a campaign,” the President stated.

Kenyatta urged the Ukambani region Jubilee campaign team – which was present during the event – to use the vehicles, equipment, and materials effectively to mobilize voters for him and for other candidates vying on the party’s ticket.

Briefing the President and his deputy on the strategy the Jubilee campaign team had put in place in the Lower Eastern region, Mr Muthoka exuded confidence that the party would garner most votes in Ukambani.


“We are confident that the Jubilee Party this time round will get most votes in Ukambani because in 2013 you were giving Kenyans a promise but this time, you are talking to Kenyans with a scorecard of your achievements for roads that they have travelled on, electricity that they can see, a Standard Gauge Railway that has been put up in record time and ground-shaking education reforms.


“On the other hand, we have an opposition without a promise other than empty dreams, propaganda and criticism of your Government,” Muthoka stated.


Mr Muthoka said the Kamba community, like other Kenyans, remember vividly the challenges the country faced during the era of the infamous “nusu mkate” government and would not be hoodwinked by the opposition to plunge Kenya into a less than “quarter mkate” government led by five principals