Political Front; Things Turn Ugly As Muthama Tries To Reconcile Kalonzo


Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and machakos Senator Johnson Muthama had a fallout that saw Muthama leave Wiper party

It was then when Muthama accused Kalonzo of imposing leaders on the electorate and said he will not defend his Machakos senator seat with Wavinya Ndeti and Alfred Mutua as governor aspirants


However, Muthama tried to reconcile with Kalonzo when they met at a funeral in Kitui over the weekend

As expected,  Kalonzo rebuked him a day later and said he is either in NASA or not Wiper leader and NASA deputy president

According to Kalonzo,  Muthama cannot support Raila without supporting him as he is his running mate. He said Muthama is either in or out of NASA and should not pretend to be supporting Raila while he dislikes him (Kalonzo).

“You are either with us or not, you cannot say that you will campaign for Raila and not Wiper because they are one entity and distancing yourself from Wiper means you are not in NASA too,” Kalonzo said.

Muthama tries to reconcile with Kalonzo but things turn UGLY for him David Musila

The two have been close allies but Muthama claims mismanagement of party affairs and imposing leaders on voters is the reason he quit the party.

The senator is unhappy that Wavinya Ndeti was fronted by Wiper to vie for Machakos governor through what he said were shameful nominations. Muthama preferred Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala for the post