The Mamoth Crowd That Welcomed DP William Ruto In Mombasa, Did Joho See This Photos?


Deputy President Wiliam Ruto roared in Mombasa as he faced enthusiastic crowd at Tononoka ground.

The DP, who described his tour as “unbelievable”, did not expect to see a crowd that he witnessed at the historical venue.

Ruto was in Mombasa, Joho’s turf, Oppositions backyard, to drum up support for Jubilee government.

He, alongside other Jubilee leaders talked about the government’s achievements and urged the people of coast to re-elect them so as to continue with development agenda

Pleased with the reception at Tononoka Ground,Ruto responded:

“We are changing the landscape in the country in two ways: development and uniting Kenyans. Expanding infrastructure, putting in place modern medicare, electricity and water provision, offering quality education and preaching cohesion and harmony is what we are doing. Kenyans will make their choice in 2017”.

Mombasa is CORD stronghold,but if Ruto can pull such a crowd,then there are more than enough reasons to worry the opposition.

Below is how the situation looked like at Tononoka yesterday