OPINION; An Open Letter To The Men Of 40 Years And Above

Zenah Nakanwagi
Zenah Nakanwagi PHOTO/COURTESY

I won’t write like a famous poet or greater writers like shake spare,but just read it ,yes it’s for you,the industrial liberated creatures.

Most of us must have tried and failed at many things but we have an excuse of “am still growing up and after all am a woman”so what does a man of 40+ years have to say?If u haven’t realized that the endless list of exes,luxurious cars,cologne ,the shoes are in reality getting to their expiry dates then the weed YOU are smoking is of class one.

At that age ,if your daily goals are catching up with friends every evening for a beer,having the best organism,finding out who owns which building in town,how to win a case of child neglect,who is cheating with who,my brother,in reality you are a dead body still stuck with breath,stop living in denial,the world needs more of a man,not what you keep in your trouser to top the description of your existence.

Isn’t it premature and embarrassing for someone to find pride and satisfaction in achievements of others?Mbu the owner of so and so is my OB,Mbu that rich guy is my neighbor then you boss around because you can easily associate with successful people,my friend,have you ever thought on how they describe you?

That ,that drunkard, womanizer and failure is my neighbor ,is that what you deserve?and you find such old broke niggas saying Mbu Kampala girls are gold diggers ,wait!what gold are they digging from you who is 50years and still earning 500k monthly?when did gold become that cheap?

Man,stop acting more religious than ancient prophets! sometimes little jealous is holy,where do you get the patience to work for someone for more than 10 years and you still can’t afford to build a house or start your own?is the head you own a pumpkin in the wilderness?or you are a nipple on the breast ?

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