Worth Emulated, Current State In Starehe Boys Centre

starehe boys centre
starehe boys centre

Whereas burning of school property looks like the newest subject trending in the country, thousands of other schools are going on with their normal learning.

Kenya has about 8,000 high schools and about 100 of them have been affected by the latest trail of fires that have so far seen more than 200 students and teachers arrested.

The sad events have exposed some of them to the bitter side of the law with 13 of them remanded at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

As the country continues to witness the sad and regrettable events, one wonders if only the 100 plus schools out of the 8,000 have problems.

Starehe is one of the top schools in the country known for its outstanding performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations.

Right from the gate, one observe high levels of discipline and respect that cut across right from the subordinate staff – the watchman to the administration.

In that institution, no students even a single has mentality of burning the school. Plus254news wish if all schools nation wide can emulate them.