video By Al-Shabaab Showing KDF Officer Being Captured During El Adde Attack

kdf officer maingi kiiyo
kdf officer maingi kiiyo

Kenyan soldier who has been identified as Leonard Maingi Kiiyo, talks in a video clip about his life and how he joined the Kenya Armed Forces which has since been renamed as the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

According to Kiiyo, he joined the army in 1997 and was serving with the 9th battalion based at Moi barracks, Eldoret

The video by al Shabaab has surfaced just days after the terror group released a similar one of a Ugandan soldier whom they claimed was captured during the Jaanale attack.

Back in January 15, 2016, at dawn, al Shabaab militants drove three vehicles heavily laden with explosives into the Somalia Army and KDF camps leading to a trail of destruction and unprecedented number of fatalities since Kenyan soldiers went on an offensive in Somalia.

More members of the al Shabaab who were said to be ‘suicide fighters’ followed behind the tracks. The Kenya government is yet to give the exact number of Kenyan soldiers killed in the attack.

The militant group however said it had killed more than 100 Kenyan soldiers claims the Kenyan government insists to be untrue.