US election 2016: Donald Trump wins Key States, Leaves Clinton Reeling


News to our Newsdesk is that Several hours after polls closed, the vote margins separating Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton remained razor thin in states Clinton VS Trump, 215,244 respectively

Just after 11:30 p.m, Mr. Trump was declared the victor in Florida, earning him the state’s 29 electoral votes and giving him a more certain grip on the presidential contest with Mrs. Clinton.

Reaction to the prospect of a Trump presidency rippled across the globe, with financial markets abroad falling as American television networks raised the prospect that Mrs. Clinton might lose.

Asian markets were trading sharply lower, down around two percentage points, and in the United States, Dow Jones futures were down as much as 800 points in after-hours trading.

In July 2015, shortly after Trump announced his candidacy, the HuffPost declared it would run stories about him in its entertainment section, rather than news or politics:

So, who do you think will win?,… WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED!