Jubilee Is Planning To Overstay In Power, Raila Odinga Speaks Out

Raila Odinga

CORD leader Raila Odinga is accusing the Jubilee coalition of plotting to use the debate on reforming the electoral commission to prolong its stay in power beyond August, 2017.

On Thursday, during an interview, Mr Odinga said that the Opposition is seeking to hinder Jubilee from extending the life of the current Parliament to December.

“We have calculated well enough to know that the next elections can be held as stipulated in the Constitution,” he said.

Raila’s statement was meant to assert that there is indeed enough time to reform the IEBC without the inclusion of an interim government after MPs from the Jubilee faction, among them Senator Aden Duale, claimed that Cord was pushing for dialogue on IEBC to find its way into the government.

The MPs said that given the short period to the next elections, the country might have to postpone the 2017 elections, which would require the country to be ruled under an interim government. According to them, Cord intends to use this opportunity to demand to share power with Jubilee during the interim period.

On Thursday, however, Mr Odinga denied the claims and said there was enough time for the IEBC to be reformed and reconstituted  for the new team to prepare to supervise the 2017 elections as provided for in the Constitution.

According to Raila, if a new electoral team is in office by August, it will only need six months to prepare for the next elections: Two months to familiarise themselves with the job, another two months to carry out voter registration, a month to prepare the voters’ register, and one more month for the
inspection of the register.

“We are not talking about doing a PhD; we are talking about managing an election. A maximum of six months is required if we have a new IEBC in place by August,” he said.

Cord has vehemently denied any interests in a power-sharing deal with Jubilee if the electoral reforms process takes longer than expected. With their leader citing that they are not interested in a nusu-mkate (half-a-loaf-of-bread) affair.