Two Kenyan Police Officers Killed, Their Lifeless Bodies Paraded In Somalia By Al-shabaab

alshabaab parade kenyan police officers lifeless bodies in somalia
alshabaab parade kenyan police officers lifeless bodies in somalia

Two police officers who went missing last week on Thursday morning after Al-Shabaab militants raided Hamey Police Station were killed and their bodies taken to Somalia.

Members of the outlawed group paraded the bodies of the two officers in Jilib, Somalia, as they held celebrations and circulated the photos on social media.

The two officers have been identified as Constable Job Kibet and Constable Kiprotich Ng’eno.

Al-Shabaab also shared photos while posing with a police land cruiser, registration number GKA 398Y and other weapons that went missing on the fateful day, Nation reports.

On Thursday last week, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet confirmed the attack and stated that police officers had first repulsed the group but the militants retreated and returned with a larger group of over 50 people.

“The attackers retreated and later returned in a bigger number in a lorry and fired 3 bombs into the camp destroying some tents thus forcing our officers to withdraw for cover,” part of the statement read.

During the attack, one police officer was shot and later flown to Nairobi for specialised treatment while three others with minor injuries were treated at Dadaab Hospital.

Initially, the IG had divulged that two police officers, who the outlawed militia group now claim to have killed – were unaccounted for.

Security agents have since confirmed the photos of the land-cruiser circulating on social media belongs to the police.