Trump to Deport 30,000 Kenyans Living in America by January 2016

USA Republican presidential contender Donald Trump

US President Elect Donald Trump has emphasized that he will deport 30,000 Kenyans living in America illegally.

Among the most popular campaign slogans used by the republican was to deport over 3 million illegal immigrants living in America.

Most of these immigrants arrived in the land of honey through dubious means.

Kenyans, particularly, entered America through invites from friends and relatives: they opted to stay there to date.

It is reported that most Kenyans attended wedding and graduation ceremonies for friends and relatives but never returned to our country.

In case such individuals never bothered to secure legal documents, they will soon be sent packing.

Another group comprises of more than 2 million Mexicans who are illegally in America.

Trump has promised to deport them and consequently build a wall to prevent any illegal immigrant from entering USA.Trump has promised not to backtrack.