School Girls Bonged By Kisii MCA’s Tell Of Their Experience. This Is Sad


It now emerges that the wayward politicians lured the girls with niceties on the weekend before indulging in sex over the weekend prior to their arrest.

The following day they were taken to another hotel for breakfast before they were nabbed.

“We left school on Friday and spent two days with our friends,” one of the girls said.

The girls were taken to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital for tests to ascertain if the MCAs had defiled them.

As angry residents and Kenyans in general await the results, the girls have spoken.

They revealed how they MCAs lured them with goodies and clothes which they changed before they headed for a lodging where they spent a night.

The school girls had been sent home for school fees on Friday, September 30, but the MCAs took them away.

Police who had trailed the MCAs after a tip-off from the public found them with the girls in their car and they were arrested immediately