Sad Story Of How Nation Media Manager was Battered By Cord Protesters

cord protests
CORD protests

A distribution manager at the Nation Media Group (NMG) on Monday found himself in the middle of the chaotic scenes during CORD demonstrations against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

According to the source-Kenyans news- Francis Kago, had just stepped out of the office together with his colleague, Philip Velese, to have lunch at Trattoria restaurant on Wabera Street, did not get to enjoy his meal after a group of 20 young men descended on them.

“We were about to cross Kenyatta Avenue, at the ICEA junction, when we noticed a crowd massing on Kenyatta Avenue, chanting songs and generally causing chaos on the street. What we had not noticed, however, was that a group of the rioters had broken from the main group and was terrorising people on the slip road near Simmers Restaurant,” Kago said.

The NMG manager recounted in his Facebook post how they were cornered and brutally beaten by the group that had masqueraded as peaceful demonstrators. The two were then pushed to the ground and battered.

Kago narrated how one of the men almost strangled him with his (Kago) tie but luckily grabbed the wrong end.

“This was not a political demonstration, neither was it a crusade for civil liberties. The thugs raining blows on Velese and I on the pavement of Wabera Street were only interested in what was in our pocket.

“I fought them off, all the while screaming to get the attention of passers-by, most of whom had scampered to safety. My eternal gratitude goes to the man I caught, through the corner of my eye, hurling stones at the attackers”. Kago expressed.

After he managed to escape from the thugs, Kago stated that he noticed his friend Velese writhing in pain on the street.

“As I rose from the pavement, I saw Velese struggling across the street. He was badly off, with his trousers torn and his phone missing,” Kago said.

The manager revealed that he lost a few thousands to the muggers.