Sad As Ex KU Student Butchered By Lover

crime scene
crime scene

Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi a Kenyatta University graduate reportedly called Fray was killed by lover over alleged affair with their best friend

According to reports to media houses, the deceased,  who just graduated last week was called by his boyfriend to work things out after a little altercation they had.

It is allegedly reported that Fray went to his boyfriend’s best friend just to stick it up to her boyfriend.

This made her boyfriend mad to the core since he was the one who was paying her school fees and everything.

The man lured his alleged girlfriend to his house in the hope of reconciliation but ended up butchering her like an animal and drinking himself silly till the police recce squad intervened just after burning his mattress.

It is reported that the police were even begging him to open the door before recce squad intervened.

Cases of such phenomenon are increasing day in day out, the nation atlarge is in fear of losing the entire young generation to sour love.

In 2014, before his interdiction, he took a loan of KSh 1.8million from Family Bank Githurai branch.

With the money, he paid three years rent in Kahawa Wendani as well school fees for the girl for the remaining semesters.

He set aside a hefty amount for his lover’s wardrobe and applied for a Nakumatt shoppers card so that the girl could shop as she wanted.