REVEALED: Top Businesses In Nairobi Owned By Al shabaab Commander

Al Shabaab

After series of bloody fights to eliminate the terror group, Al shabaab, security agents are now investigating a report indicating that a powerful Al shabaab commader has been running multi-million business in Nairobi to fund the group.

Ahmed Iman Ali, a Jomo Kenyatta University Engineering graduate, owns several businesses in Gikomba and Majengo. It is alleged that part of the proceeds to finance the terrorist group are generated from his business.

Iman is also said to own a nursery school that he operates through Al Shabaab sympathisers.

One of the shopping malls located in Nairobi generates a monthly proceed of up to KSh. 350,000 which is sent straight to the commander.

Iman is also reported to be renting out stalls near Pumwani to clothes and shoe dealers that he collects around KSh. 150,000 every month and the amount is remitted to the terror group through informal money transfer services.

Iman is said to be the current leader of the Kenyan militants in Somalia and is the head of video production for Al Shabaab.


Presently, Iman is said to be the leader of the Kenyan militants in Somalia and is the head of video production for Al Shabaab.

According to authorities, these money is used for training, recruiting and logistics on terror activities in Kenya and Somalia.