Rare Skin Condition Sweeps Through Wajir North Sub-County

Rare Skin Condition Sweeps Through Wajir North Sub-County
Rare Skin Condition in Wajir North Sub-County

Sad as children in Bute town, Wajir are reported to be suffering from a rare skin condition that is currently dominating in the region

Initially, reports were only one girl was affected; now more children suffering the same condition have now emerged.

The children are said to be siblings, one of them Hassan Salat who is disabled and his condition dire to an extent some of his bones are exposed.

Speaking to the press , father to the ailing Children Mr. Salat Gedi appealed for help from well-wishers to save his children.

Gedi can be contacted on 0716 194 100.

The rare condition first came to the limelight late last month after well-wishers shared Misky Bashir’s photo on social media asking for help.

The efforts bore fruits and they left Wajir on July 11 for specialized treatment in Nairobi courtesy of concerted efforts by well-wishers and the County government of Wajir.

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