‘Raila’s Firm’ In South Africa Selected Among Other Firms To Print Presidential Ballot Papers

raila and uhuru
raila and uhuru

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is now preparing for the worst with regard to Thursday’s ruling over the printing of the Presidential ballot papers for the August 8, General Election.

The five-judge bench ruled that the High Court exercised its discretion wrongly without regard to constitutional timelines within which the General Election – presidential poll included


They also ruled that the High Court ruling did not take into consideration the right of the million Kenyans in exercising their right to free, fair and regular elections based on universal suffrage.

The commission is already looking for a new company to replace Al Ghurair in the printing of the Presidential ballot papers in case the appeal does not succeed.

Sources at the IEBC confirmed that officials had identified five firms that could do the work of printing Presidential ballots.

The companies under consideration include two United Security Kingdom Security printing experts, Tall Security and GI Solutions.

South African firm Pearl Media, which is linked to NASA flag bearer, Raila Odinga, is also listed and Unprint and Reforms.

The IEBC has already secured Treasury Approval to undertake specialized tendering which eliminates cumbersome procurement procedures.