Raila Odinga Directly Attacks Ailing Kibaki

Raila Odinga Directly Attacks Ailing Kibaki
Raila Odinga Directly Attacks Ailing Kibaki

CORD leader Raila Odinga has confessed that his party , Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) was pushed to accept the 2010 constitution since it was not on its support.

According to him, he says he agreed to support the current one because they wanted to do away with the old one.

The opposition leader was speaking this on Thursday, September 1, during the celebration of 11 years since the formation of the ODM.

It is then when he said that the ODM wanted the Bomas Draft to be adopted as the constitution of Kenya.

“The constitution we ended up with in 2010 is not what ODM would have wished for. We preferred the Bomas Draft. We also preferred bigger and stronger counties. But we had to choose between progressive change or nothing for our people. We accepted the changes, imperfect as they were, in the belief that they represented work in progress and steps forward,” Raila told the Standard.

He added that Kibaki failed to deliver to Kenyans and it took the intervention of the ODM to have services delivered to the citizens.

Raila was a minister in Kibaki’s NARC administration before he was sacked in 2005 for opposing the proposed constitution.