#prayforIEBC, Five IEBC commissioners Distance Themselves From Chebukati’s Memo


IEBC Vice chair and 4 commissioners distance themselves from Chebukati’s memo demanding answers on the mistakes that were committed during the August 8th elections.

The five commissioners now say that the memo was not discussed by Commission Plenary and they learnt about it through the media just like any other person .


In a memo,(CHEBUKATI.S MEMO)  the Chair demands a number of explanations including why his (Chebukati) password was allegedly used to access the results transmission system.

He also wants to know why the satellite phones bought by the commission were not used to relay data from polling stations.

The chair also wants an explanation why the KIEMS electronic kits used in the election were not locked to specific locations as had been agreed.

He also queried why some forms used in the election did not have security features as agreed between IEBC and the printer, prior to the elections