PLO Lumumba Take, Raila Odinga To Retire From Politics Tomorrow…Here is Evidence!


PLO Lumumba has opened his mouth for the first time in regards to Uhuru’s win on just concluded 2017 general elections.

His statement suggests that Uhuru won fairly and squarely,contrary to Raila’s claims that he was rigged out.


Lumumba,who is one of the most brilliant Luos,is therefore comfortable with Uhuru’s win

With much been said and done, NASA leader Raila Odinga is expected to retire from politics tomorrow 15/8/2017 to end his four decade political career.

The NASA leader,while speaking to Financial Times,Raila revealed:

“We will show the kind of charade the whole world has been treated to, and will reveal compelling evidences on Tuesday. The commission had little choice but to falsify the results because it was “under metaphorical gunpoint” from the president’s camp. With the experience of what happened to Chris Msando they were very frightened,” .

It is not about me. It’s not about Raila Odinga,. I’m not going to be a candidate again, We just want Kenyans to know what happened, what the whole world is not understanding is happening.

There’s no point people going to elections in the future, queuing for hours to vote, or running around for months campaigning. At the end of the day it’s the computer in the national tallying centre that’s making the decisions. Jubilee have spilt the blood of innocent people..,”

Raila announced yesterday that he would make a major announcement this week, specifically Tuesday 15/8/2017,and that major announcement would be to announce officially that he has retired from politics.

Plus254news  wish him well!!!