A Parrot Has Just Predicted Hillary Clinton Will Win The US Elections by 53 %


A popular parrot in California has predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the American presidency with 53%, to beat her closest challenger, Donald Trump with a margin of 6 %.

The parrot, which also predicted that Obama would win the coveted seat 8 years ago, produced its usual sound with the words ‘Hillary Clinton’ coming out clearly for everyone to hear.

The owner, Mr Martin, confesses that the parrot has helped him in the past predict important outcomes in his life.

In 2013, the owner says, the parrot mentioned the name of his daughter, Janet, three times. The daughter later died through an accident.

Two years later, that’s in 2015, it again mentioned his name three times, he won a case against his employer and he was paid $ 200, 000.

Now, it has mentioned the name of Hillary Clinton 3 times, which means something special will happen to her.

Mr Martin goes ahead to explain that he wrote down the scores of each candidate and the parrot picked 53 % for Hillary Clinton and 47 % for Donald Trump.

The former banker says that he trusts his parrot 100 %,-actually more than opinion polls from various research companies in the US