Panic Grip In US, Should Hillary Clinton Lose #Elections2016


The Canadian Immigration website has just crashed,moments after results for USA elections started trickling in.

The website, which was mostly accessed by American citizens, crashed after more than 20 million people from around the world tried to access it.

The surge in traffic immediately forced the now busy website to crush and leave people desperate.

Several people have said Trump presidency will force them leave US for Canada.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ TV series actor Bryan Cranston suggested that he would leave the US for Canada if the Republicans win.

Other US stars like actress Barbara Streisand and Stephen King said they were planning to leave the US should Hillary Clinton lose.

In September the master of horror said that a Trump presidency scares him “more than anything else.”

“It scares me to death. To the point where I’ve actually thought of moving to Canada, which is close to Maine,” he told The Washington Post. “And I can hear a lot of my conservative friends saying, ‘Ah, good! Go! Get out of here!’”

Streisand told Australian journalist Michael Usher that she will either move to Australia or Canada, in order not to be under Trump’s rule.

“I’m either coming to your country, if you’ll let me in, or Canada,” Streisand said in a ‘60 Minutes’ interview in August . “He has no facts. I don’t know, I can’t believe it.”

Currently, Clinton VS Trump, 215,244 respectively, 270 to win.