Obama Urges Voters To Elect Democrat Delegates


Seating United States President Barack Obama on Monday left Democratic Party supporters in New Hampshire “fired up and ready to go vote” as he stumped for Hillary Clinton on the eve of Election Day.

“Over the weekend, his campaign took his Twitter account away from him. If your closest advisors don’t trust you to tweet, how can you trust him with the nuclear codes?” Obama posed.

As he tore into Trump, supporters at the rally began to boo, but Obama interjected. “Don’t boo, vote! New Hampshire… Donald Trump can’t hear your boos, but he can ‘hear’ your votes.”

He told the voters they had the option of choosing the politics of blame, divisiveness and resentment or the politics that says: “we are stronger together.”

“Tomorrow, you can choose whether we continue the journey of progress or whether it all goes out of the window.”
Obama said eight years ago, America faced the worst economic crisis in 80 years but because of the determination of the people and noble decisions, the nation had turned the negative tide around.

“But make no mistake, all that progress goes down the drain if we don’t win tomorrow. New Hampshire is small but it’s an important State. There are some scenarios where Hillary doesn’t win (the election) if she doesn’t win New Hampshire.”

He said his administration kept manufacturing growing again over the past eight years for the first time since the 1990s. “And Hillary is going to keep that going. She’s put forward the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II; she’s got plans to grow manufacturing, boost people’s wages and help students with college debt… that’s why she should be the President of the United States!”

Obama urged the voters to elect Democrat delegates to the Senate and House of Representatives throughout the State, saying Clinton needs control of Congress