Nyeri’s Deadliest Pregnant Gangstar Arrested

Nyeri’s Deadliest Pregnant Gangstar Arrested
Nyeri’s Deadliest Pregnant Gangstar Arrested

Police have arrested Nyeri’s Deadliest woman gangster who has been terrorizing Nyeri residents for years

The culprit, Vanessa Wambui a.k.a Tisho has been termed as one of the most dangerous thugs.

Confirming the arrest, Nyeri area OCPD Mr Masai Makau said that she looks so innocent, which is not the case.

Mr Makau told the press that she is one of the most feared gangsters in the county.

“She does not appear to be a criminal but she is one of the most feared. There is a likelihood that many more women have been inducted into criminal gangs since physical appearance does not give away a criminal easily.” said Mr. Masai in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

If you thought Wambui’s husband does not know that her wife is a thug you are wrong. The pregnant woman has been working alongside her man.

According to sources, the two have been robbing members of the public in Nyeri and Karatina areas.

The police trailed them and handcuffed them at Nyeri. Wambui’s husband was later identified as Alex Mathenge.

During the incident, police managed to recover a ceska pistol together with 5 rounds of ammunition

The arrest changed the popular belief that pregnant women are harmless.

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