Nkaissery Might Have Swallowed Death Meant For Another Man


Former army chief, Retired Major General Jeremiah Kianga, has also read mischief in the sudden death of Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaisery on Saturday.

Speaking at a prayer meeting at Nkaisery’s village home at Ilbisel yesterday, Kianga, who eulogized Nkaisery as a good friend and dedicated soldier, said the late CS did not die of natural causes because he was not ill and was in good health and high spirit on Friday.


He noted that all the years he had known Nkaisery; he never had any health issues and never went to hospital, let alone medical check-up as Jubilee Government wants Kenyans to believe.

He indirectly dismissed statement by the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, through Head of Civil Service Francis Kinyua, that Nkaisery died at Karen Hospital few hours after visiting the hospital for routine medical check-up.

Kianga challenged Uhuru’s Government to get to the bottom of Nkaisery’s death and tell Kenyans what exactly killed him because he didn’t die naturally

It is emerging that the death of Mr. Nkaissery was a costly mistake of attempted assassination gone wrong.

Our source revealed to us that there was a  “special seat” for Opposition leader  at the  recent prayer meeting.

He was to be seated next to Gov. Kidero and somehow he never went to that meeting, instead choosing to spend time with the Kenyan people at Kamukunji ground after having prayers at Okoa Kenya.

Some people were furious why Dr. Odinga would refuse to attend their prayer meeting. Unknown to most of them, that special seat was an assassin weapon.

According to our source , theprayer meeting provided them with a perfect opportunity to execute an assassination without suspicion.

That is the fateful seat that Nkaissery sat on.

on the same issue, Mbita Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo has echoed the sentiments of the controversial political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, regarding the sudden passing on of Interior Cabinet Secretary, the late Joseph Nkaisery, saying the no nonsense Retired Major General did not die of natural causes but was assassinated for political reasons.

In a statement on her Facebook page, the outspoken Millie Odhiambo said Nkaisery was in good spirit and health up until yesterday night and could not have died just like that.

She said Nkaisery’s death leaves a lot of questions than answers because Security Minister does not just die unless something sinister has happened.

She called on the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta to thoroughly investigate the death, and if possible enlist the services of foreign agencies, and tell Kenyans exactly what led to Nkaisery’s death because he didn’t die naturally