Man Reportedly Poisoned CS Nkaissery Last Meal Arrested


According to some ‘unreliable’  reports, the man who allegedly poisoned Nkaisery’s last meal is being investigated with 10 others.

The curtain fell on the Interior CS, the second internal security cabinet secretary to lose his life under Kenya’s new constitutional array.


His death, sudden and chilling, occurred on Saturday night, though the exact time may remain fuzzy for eternity, in keeping with Africa’s time tested tradition of ‘silence over death’.

Military man, politician, blusterous rabble-rouser, fearmonger at a time of peace; Gen. Nkaissery spent the last years of his life oscillating between the high demands of nationhood and the low expectations of Jubilee politics, the rigors of which took a heavy toll on the otherwise amiable man.

As a weekly Jubilee waxer, Gen. Nkaissery had the unfortunate penchant for getting everything wrong, and struggled, like the Jubilee regime he so valiantly served, to abide by the rule of law. Often, he didn’t. Many times, the courts had to intervene, to rein in him, or his officers

Under him, Kenya detoured to extra-judicial lawlessness, which he seemed to support, particularly where the victims could be adequately branded as political misfits. He took over from a failure, Mr. Ole Lenku, and improved, but never innovated anything.

Perhaps, this was due in part because Gen. Nkaissery was a receding relic of a bygone, pathological era

Meanwhile, Police are questioning around 10 people over the death of the late Cabinet Secretary for Interior Joseph Nkaissery.

Among those questioned include waiters who served him at the Bomas of Kenya lounge where he is said to have eaten a light meal before heading home on Friday night

Detectives are also said to be investigating his house help, a driver and bodyguard who took him to hospital and a security consultant at the Office of the President, Francis Mugambi, who joined them at the hospital.