List Of Colleges President Uhuru Ordered To Be Closed Indefinitely


The Kenyan Government has shut down nine colleges in Nairobi following a nationwide crackdown of unlicensed tertiary learning institutions.

While making the announcement on Wednesday, October 12, the Director of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TIVETA), General Kipkurui Langat, stated that the colleges failed to meet standards set by the government while others had not been properly registered.

“It is unfortunate that some unscrupulous business persons have continued to con Kenyans by setting up illegal colleges. We will shut all of them. No person or institution shall offer training in Kenya unless the person or institution has been accredited and licensed,” Langat said as quoted by news website Kenyans.

According to President Uhuru, the government needed to give more emphasis on improving the quality of existing universities as opposed to their quantity.

“Our focus now must be strengthening the institutions that we have; building their resilience and ensuring sustained quality,” Kenyatta was quoted as saying.

The colleges include:

  1. Summit Institute of Professionals.
  2. Pinnacle Institute of Accountants
  3. Technical Institute
  4. Regional Institute of Business Management.
  5. Bonjour Institute
  6. East African College
  7. Intraglobal Training Institute
  8. Bell Institute of Technology
  9. Cefored