KTN’s Key Editor Speaks On Joining Jubilee

joe ageyo
joe ageyo

KTN Managing Editor Joe Ageyo on Thursday finally broke his silence on speculations that he will be vying for the Bondo Constituency seat on a Jubilee Party ticket come the 2017 General Election.

Ageyo, whose posters have been widely circulated on social media, noted that he has been receiving numerous messages questioning his stand.

He divulged that he did not have any intentions of stepping into the political arena as a candidate, adding that he was content with his job as a journalist.

“To be clear: I do not come from Bondo Constituency. I have the best job in the world that I do not intend to trade for any other,” Mr Ageyo tweeted.

He disclosed that the only time he was going to be close to the 2017 politics would be during the coverage of the elections.

“The only election-related plan I have is to ensure that KTN News, the country’s only 24-hour news channel, whose founding editor I am, has the best election coverage in the country, come next year,” he noted.

The rumour triggered by an online user identified as Abdullahi Musa claimed that KTN had been biased in covering news on the Opposition because they were compromised by Mr Ageyo.

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