KNEC Data Reveals That Matiang’i Released Wrongly Tabulated KCSE Results Last Dec


Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i was misled by his team into releasing wrongly tabulated KCSE results during the much hyped ceremony held in December last year.

An analysis of the results produced by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) suggested that there was a mix up in the gender distribution data, such that the grades awarded to boys were labelled as girls’ scores and vice versa.

The results had caused national concerns of the boy child being forgotten to the extent that they were badly outperformed by the girls.

In the results released by KNEC, a total of 571,161 candidates were graded, with 299,268 or 52 per cent being female and 271,893 or 48 per cent being male.

However, this data was inconsistent with the number of students who sat the national examinations

According to KNEC figures, 574,125 candidates had sat the KCSE exam, of which 273,130 (48 per cent) were female and 300,995 (52 per cent) male.

The consequence of that discrepancy is such that 26,138 more girls were graded compared to those who sat their exams- a practical impossibility.

In the same vein, a total of 29,102 boys who sat for their KCSE were not graded, a number that would have raised concerns if it was detected.

Upon switching the gender numbers, found that the data was consistent.

There were 1,237 girls who sat for their exams but were not graded with another figure of 1,727 from the boys side.

During the announcement ceremony held at Shimo La Tewa Secondary school in Mombasa, Matiangi had explained that a total of 2,964 students were not graded after they failed to sit for all the minimum seven subjects as required for grading.