Kisumu Man Sells His Entire Piece Of Land To Campaign For Jubilee


A Kisumu man has decided to sell all his parcels of land to enable Jubilee government retain power.

Michael Ochieng’ Odongo is mobilizing adequate resources in order to campaign for Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party in Nyanza.


We have learnt that he is among those who were at the Nakuru Main Prison serving prison term over robbery with violence back in 2001

He is confident that he will earn the president at least 3,000 votes in Nyanza because he says were it not for the current government, he could be rotting in prison as it was the president’s intervention that had him saved from facing the hangman’s noose.

He was given a death sentence and was awaiting to meet his creator in the rehabilitation facility.

For the last 15 years, Michael Ochieng’ Odongo had been serving the sentence and had already sold one parcel valued KES 100,000 and is prospecting to raise another KES 200,000 as soon as a prospective buyer shows up