Journalist who was investigating the Eurobond deported, Kenyans will never know the truth


A British journalist who was deported from Kenya last Sunday has said he was in the middle of an investigation into the controversial Eurobond transaction.

Jerome Starkey, the Africa Correspondent for the Times of London, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, was held for 24 hours without explanation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday night and then put on a plane to London late on Saturday.

On Saturday, Mr Starkey told the local media that he was still in the dark about the reasons for his expulsion one week later.

“I am yet to get any coherent explanation for the actions of Kenyan authorities,” Mr Starkey said. “I have spoken to many contacts and gone through my notebooks to see what could possibly have triggered it and the reasons that lead me to believe it was my investigation into the Eurobond are compelling.”

The journalist said he had e-mailed a contact on December 4 from London to ask him to set up a meeting with a source that may have had information on the international sovereign bond that has been the subject of controversy.”