You Imported Masses To Your Rally In Western, Ababu Tell Raila

raila and ababu namwamba
raila and ababu namwamba

Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has rubbished Raila Odinga’s tour of Western Kenya by saying that the CORD leader imported crowds in buses to his rallies.

He further blamed the Odinga’s supporters for their unruly behavior, saying that the rallies were to blame for the injuring of K24 journalist Moses Masinde in Bungoma.

“The goons also injured innocent locals. Mr Masinde was beaten senseless, his camera destroyed and footage confiscated by the (sic) criminal gang. Mr Masinde’s only crime was recording Budalang’i expressing their true feelings, something that obviously ran contrary to the careful script of imported crowds and hired cheering squad,” Mr Namwamba sad.

The political assaults by Ababu Namwamba towards Raila manifest reports that the legislator is on his way out of ODM.