HPV Outbreak In Nairobi, Residents Warned To Restrain From K!ssing

HPV outbreak in nairobi

Nairobi residents are being warned over the outbreak of human pallipoma virus(HPV) in Nairobi after a HPV patients are admitted at Nairobi hospital

After HPV outbreak in Kisii university was brought under control few weeks ago , Residents of Nairobi and the surrounding have been warned to abstain and restrain from k1ssing after outbreak of human pallipoma virus(HPV) in Nairobi.

3 people are currently admitted at Nairobi hospital and receiving specialized treatment.

People know HPV as simple disease but the new strain according to doctor is more dangerous than the most feared virus Ebola and Zika virus. No cure has been found so far

What makes HPV very dangerous is because of its high concentration in saliva hence can be transmitted through k1ssing.

Other causes include l0ve making and skin contact up to 30 minutes.HPV is diagnosed through visual impression and laboratory tests.

Symptoms include bad air from mouth, high fever, bleeding from body openings, inflammation, vomiting and diarrhea among others.It has a fatality rate of 90 percent.

Health officials are preparing detailed report to release to public as matter of agency as scientists are working around the clock  to find cure in new HPV strain.

Research shows that 10 seconds “munju” can lead to transfer of 80million bacteria. This is something you supposed to take serious and dont go around carelessly