HEARTLESS; New Video OF A Rogue House Maid Mistreating Child Emerges

Rogue House Maid mistreating a child
Rogue House Maid mistreating a child PHOTO/COURTESY

House maids have been the only hope for many families to raise their children. It is so unfortunate that many have become rogue house maids and turn to be the worst monsters.

Many videos have emerged showing these rogue house maids behavior of mistreating the children that they are employed to look after. It is so sad how someone disrespects her boss and it is from the same person that they expect their salaries.

In the most recent video, a lady, who is believed to be a house maid is seen to chock a baby by stepping on the baby while covered with a pillow.

The child is heard screaming, hoping to get some help from anyone who could hear but in vein. The rogue house maid, does not care but continue doing what “she knows best”.

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