Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Threatens President Uhuru Kenyatta Over Dadaab Camp Closure

Mohamud and kenyatta
Mohamud and kenyatta

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the president of Somalia is now threatening and warning the Kenyan government over the decision to close the Dadaab refugee camp.

Speaking at an interview with BBC,President Mohamud said Kenya’s decision to send back the refugees forcefully and closing the camp will solve nothing but only pose more challenges.
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also warned Kenya over the construction of the security wall along the Kenya-Somalia border claiming it will separate the people from both countries.

A wall is reportedly under construction at the border with Kenya to control and supervise movement.

We have more important and common interests we share than refugee camps’ the president added.

However, the Kenyan government says it decision of closing the camp is final adding that its decision to close the camp was due to security and economic reasons.