Govt- Maize Was Imported From Mexico Via South Africa


The 29,900 metric tonnes imported into the country last week is Mexican maize transhipped into Kenya through South Africa, the Kenyan Government has clarified.

“The maize was imported from Mexico into South Africa under storage and then we’re picking it up from there. That is why we’re able to order and get it in five days,” Mwangi told members of the press on Monday at the Port of Mombasa.


The cost of flour in the country may reduce to manageable levels after the government bought 30,000 metric tonnes of maize from Mexico.

All the shipment landed at the Port of Mombasa and according to Government Spokesperson Eric Kiraithe, 750,000 more bags are expected in the country in two weeks time.

Most people raised concern over the importers but the Government on Saturday said that all the maize being imported from Mexico is being done by private millers for human consumption and for animal feeds.

Agriculture Principal Secretary Dr Richard Lesiyampe said maize for human consumption is being imported from Mexico, Ethiopia, Zambia and South Africa