Good News, Man Thought To Be Dead After Being Brutally Battered By Police Is Alive

man bruitaly battered by police is alive
boniface manono

A man earlier thought to have died following police brutality at Monday’s CORD protests against IEBC was found alive at his uncle place in Kibera.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday afternoon the victim, Boniface Manono narrated his experience at the hands of anti-riot police officers who were filmed beating him mercilessly.

 “I had gone to Westlands to register for Uber (services). As we approached town, I alighted from the matatu because vehicles were not moving. I ran into a crowd which was tear gassed.” He said

“I started running away and that’s when one policeman hit me on the leg and I fell on the pavement.”he added

“From there I could feel the thorough beating. I was kicked on my back so many times. Most kicks fell on my backbone and on my hips and legs,” Manono recounted.

When asked if he was a demonstrator, he said he has never been to any demonstration and but was just passing by.

Manono said he was later helped by journalist who took him to Uhuru Park to relax for a while before proceeding to Coptic Hospital