GOOD NEWS: HIV Vaccine Is Now In Kenya, You Cant Imagine How Much It Cost?

HIV Vaccine in Kenya

HIV AIDS may now be nothing to fear after the discovery of HIV vaccine that was tested in South Africa.

The virus that is said to be created by Doctor Gallo as US biological weapon to wipe all African race and US enemies is now not a threat. The good news is that the vaccine has been finally found

For Kenyans, the vaccine is already at Kenyatta National Hospital, KEMRI offices and as long we celebrate the HIV vaccine. The worst thing is how much money you have to cough to get the vaccine.

It is alleged that the vaccine will cost KSh. 10 Million per head. An amount that very few families can be able to raise.

The world invested approximately $868 million (Roughly KSh. 87.9 Billion) in HIV vaccine research and development to develop and test HIV vaccine candidates and to carry out the policy and advocacy work to lay the foundation for their development.

The HIV vaccine uses another virus, cytomegalovirus or CMV, as a “backbone” to carry small pieces of HIV into the body and arm the immune system.