Exposed! Shocking Details On #kisii Accident That Occurred Recently

kisii accident
#kissi accident

The National Transport and Safety Authority has revealed detailed information regarding the bus that overturned killing four students of St Mary’s Nyamagwa Girls on Friday.

It’s records shows that the bus was being driven at a speed of more than 100 kilometres per hour when the driver lost control.

Apparently, the killer driver, Erick Gituma Muthenya who has since been arrested, was not authorized to drive a bus.

NTSA Deputy Director Benjamin Kibogong says that the Authority was yet to receive an explanation from the school on why the driver was allowed to ferry the students.

“We are yet to receive a formal explanation from the school administration as to why they allowed Muthenya to drive a vehicle when he was not licensed to carry passengers,” Kibogong stated.

Additionally, a survivor of the accident disclosed that the bus was overloaded with close to 86 students on board, indicating that some were even standing during the ill-fated trip.

“We were crowded in the bus, with some students standing as it left the school,” one of the students divulged.

Her account of the story was however contradicted by a teacher, Adelbert Ragira, who claimed that the bus only had 52 students.

Explaining how more than 71 students were admitted in hospital, the teacher claimed that the rest had fainted after receiving news of the accident.

“The rest of the students admitted in hospital were those who fainted on hearing the news that the bus had been involved in an accident and that some of the students had died,” said Mr Ragira.

Four girls unfortunately succumbed to injuries with scores of others receiving treatment at Kisii Level Five Hospital.

One of the deceased it emerged was a daughter of a local chief, who said he was preparing to visit the school to join in the celebrations when he was informed of the incident