Equity Bank C.E.O Joins USIU Land Grab Tussle


Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi has now joined the land dispute between former president Daniel Arap Moi and United States International University (USIU).

This came as Mr. Mwangi laid claim to the land in court, which USIU says it paid out Sh. 500 million to Moi to acquire it.

In becoming the third claimant, Mr. Mwangi said that he paid Mr Moi Sh300 million for the same land in 2012.

The Equity boss listed the university as a defendant alongside Maestro Connections Health Systems owned by Dr Kiongera, the former President, chief lands registrar director survey and the attorney-general.

“Prior to the purchase, the plaintiff conducted an official search on the property at the central land registry, Nairobi, and ascertained that the same was owned by the former President of Kenya, now retired,” according to plaint filed by Mr Mwangi at the Lands court in Nairobi.

The university says it acquired the land for Sh90 million from Insurance Company of East Africa in 1999.

Mr Mwangi now wants USIU-A and Maestro Connections Health Systems Ltd kicked out of the property saying he bought the land through his company Muthaiga Luxury Homes Ltd, on February 23, 2012.

USIU identifies its property as LR 12597/2 adding it was an amalgamation of two pieces of land LR 12422/18 and 12422/19, which were previously owned by the former president.

The institution says it acquired the LR 12597 after successive transfers between different parties where upon acquiring LR 12597 it subdivided the same into LR 12597/1 and LR 12597/2, apportion of which includes Mr Mwangi’s held under LR 12422/19 which Mr Moi sold him.

Dr Kiongera claims LR 12422/19 by virtue of purchase from Mr Moi in June on the strength of a provisional certificate of title issued to the former President in September 2015 after the original certificate of title was lost.”

Mr Mwangi , claims that both USIU and Dr Kiongera’s titles are “fraudulent, irregular and illegal as no document of surrender of title was properly executed and registered by Mr Moi who was supposed to have extinguished the property rights created under LR 12422/19 to allow the said amalgamation of LR 12422/18 and 12422/19 into LR 12597.”

“The certificate of title for LR 12422/19 was in any event never physically surrendered to the chief lands registrar and cancelled as is customary as it remained in the possession of the third defendant until it was formally transferred to Muthaiga Luxury homes on May 2 2012,” Mr Mwangi states in an affidavit.