How Donald Trump Embarrassed Uhuru Kenyatta At G7 Meeting


President Uhuru Kenyatta met his United States counterpart Donald Trump on Friday, May 26, in Italy ahead of the G7 Summit to be held in Taormina.

And the two had alot to talk about despite the short time. Its reported that Uhuru tried to ask Donald trump government to lift the suspension of $21millon aid to health ministry. But the US president response shocked many.


” Deal with growing corruption then you can give me a call. But i will help you wipe alshabaab” Trump was reported saying.

They also talked about the growing level of terrorism in the world. On top Kenya is regarded highly globally in its efforts to end violent extremism and terrorism, especially its role in eradicating the al-Shabaab terror group based in Somalia.

In new proposed budget, Mr Trump’s emphasis on combating militant groups such as Al-Shabaab is highlighted by a $4.5 million “anti-terrorism assistance” programme for Kenya.The budget outline says this funding “will help professionalise Kenya’s counterterrorism law enforcement community to build capacity in the areas of land border security (especially the country’s border with Somalia), counterterrorism investigations and counterterrorism crisis

The U.S. Embassy in Kenya announced on Tuesday that it was suspending $21 million in aid that goes to the country’s health ministry.The Embassy said that figure was a fraction of total U.S. health aid to the east African country, which it said exceeds $650 million and goes towards critical health issues, including treatment for HIV/AIDS patients. But it was a warning to Kenya’s government which has been criticized for failing to curb massive corruption that has allegedly hampered the country’s health infrastructure.

The health ministry was caught in a scandal in 2016 in which almost $50 million set aside for free maternity care had been diverted, while doctors also went on strike across the country earlier in 2017, complaining that corruption prevented them from being paid