40 people including police officers died in the Nairobi- Naivasha accident that occurred a few kilometers from Naivasha town last weekend

we have tried our best to figure out what caused the accident, fortunately we have been able to get some facts

1. Canter Allowed to Carry Explosive Material

The accident involved a Ugandan canter vehicle that was carrying inflammable material.

This was a major road risk given that such material should be carried using a specialised vehicle fitted with the right protective features.

  1. Lorry Allowed to Use Highway After 6PM

Even if the lorry had all the security features, it still would not have been allowed to use the road after 6pm given that the Ministry of Transport had an existing order requiring heavy vehicles to use the Mai Mahiu route and a seperate order banning heavy vehicles from plying major roads between 6PM and 6AM.

  1. Unmarked Bumps on a Major Highway

The third major mistake was the mounting of bumps on a major highway without any signs to inform road users in advance.

The Ugandan lorry lost control after it hit the unmarked bump, before bursting into flames.

It is not lost that numerous complaints have been made to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) over the bumps that were mounted early this year

  1. Fatigue for long distance drivers