After Cheating Death, Charity Ngilu Speaks


Charity Ngilu while speaking at the Kitui police station, remembered how a fire truck crushed to death, her close friend and former Kitui town mayor, Martha Mwangangi, on Friday, December 16.

Meanwhile, residents of the area are saying the accident was nothing short of an assassination attempt on the life of Ngilu who has declared political interest in the area. “She was not even on the road, I was the one on the road proper and she was walking on the outer side,” Ngilu told the Kitui OCPD as published in The Standard.

According to Ngilu, the fire truck picked the former mayor from the side of the road, dragged her to the tarmac before crushing her to death.

Ngilu cheated death narrowly thanks to the swift action by her bodyguards who shoved her aside, missing her by inches.

The former Lands Cabinet Secretary however refused to give a comprehensive interview saying she will do it later, at a more appropriate time.

Ngilu reportedly arrived at the venue to calm down aggrieved traders who were protesting demolition of their kiosks by the county government.

All hell broke loose when the said traders woke up to find their kiosks flattened earlier that morning.

Calm is yet to return following the tragic incident in which area Member of Parliament Makali Mulu also escaped death narrowly.

It is said his security detail fired in the air to scare away charging protesters.

Ngilu, a former presidential candidate, has is eyes set on the Kitui county gubernatorial seat.

VIA thestandard